Property prices continue to rise in Portugal

Prices of properties are still rising in Portugal without signs of a slow down. Lisbon is the most expensive city with an average price of 2,753€ per square metre at the end of this year’s second quarter, i.e. 1,500€ higher than the national average price of 969€ per square metre.

The national average price per square metre increased 2% in relation to the previous quarter and 8.15% in relation to the last year’s second quarter whereas in Lisbon, it went up 23.4% in relation to the same period last year.

As per data released by Statistics Portugal (INE) at the end of October this year, 38 municipalities, most of them in the Algarve and the Lisbon region, registered prices above the national mean (969€). The 7 most expensive municipalities are:

1. Lisbon (2,753€ / m2)
2. Cascais (2,100€ / m2)
3. Loulé (1.846€ / m2)
4. Oeiras (1.819€ / m2)
5. Lagos (1.744€ / m2)
6. Albufeira (1,631€ / m2)
7. Tavira (1.594€ / m2)


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