Kaiser Properties’ Rebranding Process

After 10 years in business, we (Kaiser Properties) felt it was time for an update/upgrade.

We wanted a new image which better reflected who we are today as individuals and as a company. We therefore started a rebranding process with the aim to get clear on our values and mission. What do we stand for? How do we differ from other companies that provide the same services and often promote the sale of the same properties? What makes our services special? Why should people choose us? were just a few of the questions we asked ourselves.


The result is not only a brand new logo (released last Wednesday), updated office space (ongoing), cars, local billboards and stationery but, most importantly, a stronger market position.

Our slogan Because we care, which we picked back in 2008, remained unaltered. In fact, this whole process revealed that it (still or more than ever) fits us like a glove since it summarizes our values in a short sentence.

During a brand workshop, a new brand strategy was defined, which includes:

Growth: Contionuously pursue new skills and knowledge;
Compassion: Understand the needs and desires of our clients and employees;
Relationships: Provide a cohesive and supportive environment;
Sustainability: A genuine commitment to positively influence the world around us;
Authenticity: Integrity to values and principles;
Service: Work hard to meet every client’s needs and desires.

Mission Statement
Kaiser Properties provide personalized service to diverse clients in a human environment leaving them feeling valued and assured.

Brand Statement
With our clients at heart, we deliver professional, yet personal service inspired by our core values.

Brand Personality
Friendly, passionate yet professional, focused and committed to our clients, willing to go the extra mile with the vibrant, dynamic edge of a modern, responsive company.

Brand Persona Values
Personal | Expertise | Passion | Authenticity | Professionalism | Integrity

These values are important to us because they make us what we are today. Because we care.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in this process, our employees, our clients and you for taking the time to read this post. We look forward meeting you (again) in the near future.


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