Portugal’s New Popularity

Everyone who recently visited Portugal must have felt it’s new vibe. It’s almost as if it awoke from a long rejuvenating sleep, presenting itself to the world in a more attractive shape since the end of the recession in 2013.

Hidden behind the big neighbour Spain for decades, Portugal suddenly overcame its unfamiliarity and became a hotspot for both visitors and investors. For its inhabitants this certainly did not come as a surprise as we have been asking ourselves for a long time why its varied natural beauty, superb gastronomy, welcoming people and rich cultural heritage have not been enough to convince many people to explore this country. Continue reading


2017 – What a Year!

It is now official: 2017 was the best year ever in terms of property sales, at least since 2009 when this sort of data was collected and registered for the first time.

It certainly does not come as a surprise that the Portuguese property market has seen a massive recovery since 2014, after a heavy 5 year recession period but probably hardly anyone anticipated such a fast recovery. A recovery which has become a new boom. Continue reading

Local Lodging and the Simplified Tax Regime in 2018

After the heavily criticised proposal of the State Budget for 2018, presented on the 13th of October 2017, which aimed to drastically change the Simplified Tax Regime (Regime Simplificado), the government has now presented a milder version.

Nevertheless, the new rules will affect most of the self-employed professionals such as lawyers, architects, doctors, journalists and owners of holiday rental properties, with an annual invoiced income over 27,360€. Continue reading


Possible changes to the NHR Status

With the State Budget 2018, changes may be introduced to the current Non Habitual Residency (NHR) status.

With this tax regime, created in 2009, pensions from foreigners, who change their residence to Portugal, become exempt from tax during a period of 10 years. Continue reading


Additional IMI Tax (AIMI)

With the state budget 2017 a new “wealth tax” in the form of an additional tax on higher-value properties, called AIMI (Adicional Imposto Municipal sobre Imóveis) has been created, replacing the existing Stamp Duty (Imposto de Selo) which used to be charged on residential properties or building plots with a fiscal value (VPT – Valor Patrimonial Tributável) above 1,000,000€. Continue reading


The importance of the Alojamento Local Registration Number

Although Decree Law no. 80/2017 from the 30th of June primarily refers to tourist accommodation establishments, it also introduces some changes and updates to the AL legislation. Continue reading


Alojamento Local: CGT and Asset Allocation

As described in my blog post CGT in Portugal, the sale of a property may cause CGT liabilities when, in simple terms, the sales price (valor de realização) is higher than the purchase price (valor de aquisição).

Owners of AL properties have been caught by surprise when they heard about potential CGT liabilities associated to the business activity of renting out their property to holidaymakers (CAE 55201 and 55204).  Continue reading


Portugal is third most peaceful country in the world

According to the 2017 Global Peace Index, the world has become a slightly safer place in the last year and Portugal has leaped to third in the list, making it the second safest country in Europe.

This is another great news for all people living, investing or thinking about investing in Portugal. Continue reading


Properties are rising in value in Portugal and the Euro Zone

According to the figures released by Eurostat, dwellings in Portugal increased in value by an average of 7.4% during the year 2016, making it the country in the Euro Zone with the highest increase, above the Euro Zone average of 4.1% and Spain (4.3%). Continue reading