Kaiser Properties’ Rebranding Process

After 10 years in business, we (Kaiser Properties) felt it was time for an update/upgrade.

We wanted a new image which better reflected who we are today as individuals and as a company. We therefore started a rebranding process with the aim to get clear on our values and mission. What do we stand for? How do we differ from other companies that provide the same services and often promote the sale of the same properties? What makes our services special? Why should people choose us? were just a few of the questions we asked ourselves.

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Alojamento Local (AL) – Local Lodging

The new law for local lodging (Alojamento Local – AL) – Decree Law 128/2014, published on 29th of August 2014 – makes it mandatory for income received from short term property lettings to be declared to the tax department as business activity. This law will come into force next November 27th, adding substantial changes to the existing law from 2008.

If you let out your furnished property (Alojamento Mobilado para Turistas) on a short term basis (less than 30 days) or if it is advertised in any form as tourist accommodation, you will have to: Continue reading