Portugal’s New Popularity

Everyone who recently visited Portugal must have felt it’s new vibe. It’s almost as if it awoke from a long rejuvenating sleep, presenting itself to the world in a more attractive shape since the end of the recession in 2013.

Hidden behind the big neighbour Spain for decades, Portugal suddenly overcame its unfamiliarity and became a hotspot for both visitors and investors. For its inhabitants this certainly did not come as a surprise as we have been asking ourselves for a long time why its varied natural beauty, superb gastronomy, welcoming people and rich cultural heritage have not been enough to convince many people to explore this country. Continue reading


Algarve… Europe’s most famous secret!

With my first post, I want to express my passion for the Algarve and honour the name I chose for my blog. In my opinion, the following promotional video is one of the best made so far about this beautiful region. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.