After Gold comes Green

On January 11, the Portuguese parliament voted in favour of the introduction of the Green Visa, an extension of the existing Golden Visa scheme.

The introduction of the Golden Visa programme in 2012 with the aim to attract investment from wealthy foreigners willing to invest at least 500,000€ in property or create 10 jobs in Portugal, is considered a huge success by some due to the huge amount of generated investment (around 4.2 billion euros, of which 3.8 million were invested in property) and an untransparent scheme, associated to corruption and money laundering, by others, including Transparency International. Continue reading


2018 – Another record year!

2017 has so far been the best year ever in terms of properties sold in Portugal, at least since 2009 when this sort of data was collected and registered for the first time. Although official data from National Institute for Statistics (INE – Instituto Nacional de Estatística) will not be released until March, it is already clear that last year is the new record year. Continue reading

Mortgages in Portugal

Since interest rates are low, financing the purchase of a property through a national bank loan could be an interesting option, especially because since 2010, Portuguese banks have not been lending as much as they are now. During the first four months of this year, almost 3 billion euros were lent for the acquisition of property. Continue reading