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Making the Move to Portugal

Moving to another country can provide you with plenty to do, people to meet and places to explore. This beautiful land with a friendly and diverse culture easily welcomes newcomers to the area. Knowing what is in the area, as well as how to make your move easier can put you in the best position to get more out of your move.

Why you would want to move to Portugal

Portugal is a comfortable place to call home. With mild temperatures, you can find plenty to do outdoors. The country has been called paradise by those who have been able to visit it during a vacation but also by the many people who have chosen to retire in Portugal over the years. What better way to enjoy life than to be able to live in a country where living a vacation lifestyle is easy to do every day.

Expats choose to move to the area for the open appeal that Portugal provides. With a more nature-viewed way of life, you can get more out of fresh air, delicious foods and friendly people. It’s usually best to visit Portugal before you arrive for the permanent move. This way, you can visit different cities and see homes for sale or rent in areas that you feel most comfortable in.

Bring your items with you

Since you’re moving, you may want to bring some of your important household goods with you. Bringing personal household goods with you can save money in the long run as it can be expensive to replace things once you move. The price for shipping personal items depends on how much you must bring and the process you choose for shipping. It can possibly take up to 6 weeks to arrive and be cleared. You need to have these documents ready for customs:

– Declaration of Goods Written in Portuguese
– Deed of Home Ownership
– Passport
– Valued Amount of Goods
– Serial Numbers from Major Appliances

Don’t forget your car!

Many expats moving to Portugal do not want to rely on the public transport system. With the help of a vehicle shipping company, you can easily move your vehicle with you while relocating. Price can vary between $2000 and even more than $4000 depending on whether you want roll-on, roll off or container shipping, how large your vehicle is, the value of your vehicle and the port it will ship from and to. The process of shipping a vehicle can take up to 6 weeks. You will also need the following documents for customs clearance:

– Passport and Visa
– Title, Insurance, Registration
– Import License
– Driver’s License
– Sales Invoice
– Taxes on Vehicles Can Be Waived if it is for Personal Use

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Remember to check out the local area before you make your move to Portugal and take some time to meet with the locals to see who your new neighbors may be and to get a feel for the atmosphere prior to moving. Portugal can be a dream come true, but you still need to take a little time to explore and learn as much as possible about the country before venturing out for a permanent move.

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