The importance of the Alojamento Local Registration Number

Although Decree Law no. 80/2017 from the 30th of June primarily refers to tourist accommodation establishments, it also introduces some changes and updates to the AL legislation.

In article 42-A, it establishes that online platforms (portals and other websites) which advertise holiday accommodation, must mention the respective registration/license number. This is not really new as it had already been established through Decree Law no. 128/2014 from the 29th of August (later changed by Decree Law no. 63/2015 from the 23rd of April) but it shows that the pressure is on as the government is trying to increase control with the help of the big boys such as Airbnb,, Tripadvisor, HomeAway, etc.

Failing to comply with this new rule may result in fines of up to 3.250€ for individuals and up to 32.500€ for companies. In order to avoid these fines, online platforms will most certainly suspend listings which do not mention the registration/license number.

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